About 2L Coaching Services, LLC

About 2L Coaching Services, LLC


Company Philosophy

We believe that very few people are capable of coaching themselves properly. Far too many runners fall victim to failure because of under or over training. Finding that delicate balance between the two extremes takes an experienced coach who can communicate well with each individual athlete to find the right mix of quantity and quality that will allow them to achieve their personal goals. We strive to take advantage of technological advances that connect the world by phone, email, and the web to allow people from all over the world to receive coaching that fits their needs.

Commitment to Coaching Excellence

There are a lot of people who call themselves "coach." Anyone who tells someone else how to train and has that person follow their directions is by definition a coach. A bad coach is worse than no coach at all, so it is imperative that people receive good coaching. Coaching excellence entails not only analyzing and planning, but communicating and listening as well. Each athlete receives feedback from their senses that is not always measurable by any other means, and communicating those sensations to the coach for discussion and interpretation is vital. The coach-athlete relationship is the most important aspect of this company and the services that are offered, and all coaches who work for 2L Coaching share this same vision and commitment.

Company History

2L Coaching Services was founded by Lowell Ladd in January of 2005. After co-founding another online coaching company, he decided to take his vision and start a new company from the ground up. He combined his experience as an online coach, as well as several years as a successful collegiate coach, to start a company that would bridge the gap between online coaching and personal coaching. The company is registered as a limited liability company in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


After operating with a single coach and offering only online coaching, the company has grown significantly. The staff has grown to more than a half dozen coaches working with athletes in different sports. Personal coaching was offered in late 2005 and the first running retreat was launched in 2006. In 2007 we hosted our first running retreat in Philadelphia, a running camp for runners of all ability levels.


At the current time, we are not looking to add to our staff. However, our company is constantly growing and we expect to need additional coaches in the future. If you are looking to start a new avenue of coaching or add a different dimension to your existing coaching experience and would like us to consider you for a position when one opens up, please feel free to contact us.