Free Trial of Online Coaching

Free Trial of Online Coaching - Step 1: Enter personal data

What is this? An opportunity to receive online coaching from a certified running coach for one week. You will receive customized workouts and be able to discuss your training with your coach and receive answers to questions by phone and/or email.

How does it work? Start by creating an account that will allow you access to the member's area of the website. Then log into the member's area and provide information about your running/fitness background by updating your Personal Profile. Your coach will get in touch with you shortly after you do that.

You see how it works in more details on our Tour page.

Why do we offer this for free? Because we believe that it won't take long for you to realize the benefits of having a coach work with you to help you get the most out of your training and achieve optimum results. Although you won't see magical results in just a week of coaching, you will receive highly interactive and attentive coaching. It is our hope that you will continue as a paying member beyond the free trial, although you are under no obligation to do that.


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