Partnership with Gettysburg Races Offers Free Entry to Coaching Clients


A new program allows any 2L Coaching paying member who has paid for 12 weeks or longer to receive free entry into either the Gettysburg North-South Marathon on April 28th or the Blue-Gray 1/2 Marathon on October 20th.

When head coach Lowell Ladd decided to start the marathon in Gettysburg in 2011, one of his goals was to provide an opportunity to create a race that his athletes could do. There were a half dozen clients who took part in the inaugural event. To help that relationship grow from both sides, Lowell created this new program offering free race entries. The hope is that more race participants will utilize coaching to be better prepared, and more coaching clients will take part in the events.

For more information on these events, go to http://www.gettysburgnorthsouthmarathon.com or http://www.bluegrayhalf.com.