Twelve Newbie Runners to Tackle Paris Marathon in 2010 Together


Bestselling author Tom Coyne decided that he needed to embark on a new adventure after writing a trio of books about golf, and settled on running a marathon despite having no background in endurance sports. He not only committed himself to the arduous journey, but recruited eleven others whith little or no running experience and is now taking the first steps of this journey together under the tutelage of the staff at 2L Coaching.

Tom knows golf, having penned three books about the sport, but realized he needed help getting himself as well as the rest of the group as prepared as possible with an 8 month window. Reaching out to fellow Philadelphia area resident head coach Lowell Ladd, they came up with a plan to get each member of the "Paris Twelve" individual online coaching as well as setting up some group coaching sessions where Lowell will give talks, demonstrations, and question and answer sessions to help the newcomers play catch up on learning about the new sport. Staff nutritionist/dietician Penny Wilson will also contribute her expertise in that area to help with weight loss, better eating habits, and fueling for the race itself.

The Paris twelve is a diverse group, encompassing a balance of six men and six women, with young and old members and physiques of large and small. While some have athletic backgrounds in other areas, some have no running background at all and battle a previous lifestyle that ill prepared them for such a journey. But with a resolve to find both the starting and finish lines, all twelve have begun their training in ernest. 

Throughout this process, the twelve will keep a journal and Tom will keep tabs of the victories and failures along the way and roll the tale together into his fourth book, set to be published by Gotham Books in 2011. If his previous stories are any indication of this piece of literature, it will be an entertaining piece of literature.