Successful Entry Into First Full Ironman for Bushover


After recently finishing the Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon in a very respectable 11:41, Jenny Busover took a few minutes for a Q&A about her experiences with her coach, Aaron Ladd:

How does it feel to finish an Ironman? -Aaron

Finishing an Ironman feels absolutely amazing. Its almost like I belong to a secret club now. I've accomplished something I've watched on T.V. for years and would always say to myself "someday I'm going to do that because its so cool". To me it is the ultimate test of fitness. -Jenny Bushover

How did working with Aaron/2L help you achieve your goal? -A

First I must say I strayed from Aaron early last year (2008) and hired a "local" Tri Coach who had a great regional reputation. Well it only lasted about 3 months. I called Aaron and asked if he could coach me in Triathlon and to my surprise he had added this discipline to his repertoire. Aaron is wonderful, what I realized is even though he's in another State he is closer then the Coach who was less then an hour from me. Aaron gives me lots of the "right" attention and doesn't stray from the objectives by getting too emotional and for a Women competitor that is necessary. I trust Aaron and that is basically what it comes down to he has never led me astray and I believe that he "believes" in me and what I can do. -JB

What goals do you have in the future? -A

My immediate goal is to qualify this Fall for the 2010 Boston Marathon (due to injury in 2008/2009 I was unable to compete in the marathon). Other goals include improving my T1 & T2 times by competing in some local Triathlon's (Olympic & Intermediate distances). I will also be competing at Ironman Lake Placid again next year to try for a Kona spot. From there I'm not sure but I love the training and I like things that are difficult so I'm sure I will continue trying to become a better athlete.

And anything you want to share about the race, experience and training. -A

I have to mention that the week leading up to my Ironman Aaron gave me the opportunity to call him whenever I needed to discuss my Plan during the event or if I just needed to talk. That was really reassuring to me and even though we only talked once before and the day after I knew he would be there if need be. Those things may seem minor but they are important. Aaron's training program seems to challenge me on a weekly basis. One reason I enjoy working with Aaron is because he doesn't treat me with kid gloves. He pushes me and that is one the main reasons I stay. The IMLP [Ironman Lake Placid] training was quite interesting (new to me) but I have to admin I enjoyed the workouts prescribed. I am looking forward to another year of them if you can believe that! I have great conditioning and my family and friends have commented that this is the best shape I've ever been in. -JB