A Surprise Victory in Ultramarathon Less than a Month after Stage Race for Dudon


The goal for Emmanuelle Dudon's spring was the TRANSAQ stage race in France, a six day event with runs ranging from 23 to 57 kilometers per day, so she had no other races planned until the fall when she will be running a marathon. The stage race went very well, and Emmanuelle was ready to get back to running just 5 days after the race concluded.

As an organizer for a local 6 hour track race, Emmanuelle asked coach Lowell Ladd if she could do her normally planned 25km long run as part of the event, stopping when she had covered the distance. When she neared the 25km mark, Emmanuelle realized that she was the leading female in the Championnat Provincial des 6 Heure (in Canada) and decided to continue the full distance.

Not only did Emmanuelle finish as the first female in the June 24th event, but she was only bested by a single man, covering almost a marathon and a half (62.5km) in hot and humid conditions. Congratulations Emmanuelle!