Two Staff Coaches Writing for Major Running Publications


Brothers Lowell and Aaron Ladd, both active coaches with 2L Coaching, have submitted articles that will be published in two separate running periodicals this spring, marking a return to writing for Lowell and the first published work for Aaron.

For Lowell Ladd, founder of 2L Coaching Services, writing is nothing new. Having been published in New England Runners and the Washington Running Report previously, Lowell has seen his writing on various running-related subjects in print materials before. The March/April issue of Peak Running Performance will include a lengthy article on the importance of balancing work and rest in training. Having served as resident training expert for the publication since August, Lowell has been asked to become a regular contributer to the bi-monthly publication, so look for more articles from him in numerous upcoming issues.

Aaron Ladd's article, which will appear in the May issue of Running Times, is an in depth analysis of what parts of the United States correlate with various levels of participation in the sport of running. Said Aaron of getting published for the first time, "It is exciting to see my research and writing published in a magazine that promotes running as much as Running Times. I blieve the article illustrates some interesting findings about the characteristics of running in America and I look forward to having people read it."