Running Retreat Weekend a Success


People came from New York, New Jersey, Pennylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia to attend the weekend long running camp that was hosted by 2L Coaching on August 4-6th in Philadelphia, and the comments by the group were overwhelmingly positive.

"When you put together an event like this for the first time, you have all sorts of ideas about how you want it to go, but you never know how it will turn out and if people will enjoy the event until it happens," said Lowell Ladd, Head Coach and Director of the Retreat. "I think that everyone took things away from this experience that will help their running, and they all seemed to have a very good time."

Although it was only three days long and two nights, the retreat was packed with seminars, hands on demonstrations, and group workouts. The talk on running injuries, which was given by Dr. Eugene Hong (team physician for St. Joseph's University and Drexel University), was so well received that it lasted almost twice as long as the planned 60 minute block and people mentioned in their feedback that they wished he had even more time. We'll be sure to plan on more time for him next year.

In sharing their thoughts on the weekend a day later, one participant said, "I don't know what all your visions were for a perfect weekend, but I came with no presumptions, and left delighted. I think it was wonderful just being able to hang out with other runners. I have this kind of ridiculous grin on my face this morning."

The most common question during the farewell meeting was "when is the next one?" While a second edition has not been officially scheduled yet, we are tentatively planning on the spring of 2007.